Weather Folklore

Compiled by Deerlake Resident Karen Cole

  • The number of days of fog in August predicts the number of days of snow for the coming winter.
  • Anytime in winter when the moon wears a halo you can expect snow or rain. A ring around the moon is a sure sign that with in 48 to 72 hours there’ll be snow or rain.
  • A clear moon means that frost will occur soon. A high moon in a very clear sky means cold weather.
  • Robins in the bush mean a storm is imminent.
  • When woodpeckers are unusually noisy, rain will come.
  • Deer come down from the mountain at least two days before a storm
  • The higher the cloud, the finer the weather.
  • Fireflies fly very low before a rain.
  • Dogs’ tails straighten when rain is near.
  • If many gnats are seen flying in compact bodies in the beams of the setting sun, there will be fine weather.

When the dew is on the grass, Rain will never come to pass. When grass is dry at morning light, Look for rain before night.
Fish bite least, With winds in the east.
A wind in the south Has rain in her mouth.


Contributors: Life-long Brevard resident Pat Austin, Lindsey Rogers of Richland Balsam, and excerpts from Weather Wisdom by Albert Lee.