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Rules and Forms


How to fill out an electronic PDF Form

1) Click on link and download  file/form and save to your computer.
2) Go to the file that you saved on your computer and open the file
3) Go to the newly saved file and click on it to open the file/form.
4) Fill out the form and RE-SAVE to your computer. (Rename the newly filled out form so as not to confuse it with the original form that you downloaded.)
5) Once you have saved the new form you can open that form and you should see your information that you filled in.
6) Attach the completed form to your email and send to the person that the form needs to go to.
7) If you are unable to complete the above steps, then download the form, print out and fill out form and deliver or mail to the intended person(s)

Fishing Guidelines at Deer Lake
Watercraft Permit
Pool Rules
Pickleball Rules
Shuffleboard Rules
Horseshoe Rules
Bocce Ball Rules

*Both forms (clubhouse reservation & rental agreement) must be completed and submitted to the Clubhouse Chair for Clubhouse rental