Deerlake Village Community Association

P.O. Box 2186
Brevard, NC 28712

Contact Information


Board of Directors

President: John M. Brown III
Tel: 712-9832
Date term Ends: 2022

Vice President: Mike Thompson
Tel: (480) 489-7588  
Date term Ends: 2023

Treasurer: Brenda Bryan
Tel: 290-4004
Date term Ends: 2022

Secretary: Donna Raspa
Date Term ends: 2023

Board Member: Phil Davis
Tel: 877-4555
Date term Ends: 2024

Board Member: Jack Christfield
Tel: 862-4130
Date term Ends: 2023

Board Member: Susan Toscani
Tel: (917) 710-5547
Date term ends: 2024

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Committee Contacts

Architectural Co-Chair – Existing Home Modifications: Geoff Davis
Tel: 713-818-9625

Architectural Acting Co-Chair – New Home Construction: Phil Davis Tel: 877-4555                                                                

Landscape Review Chair: Sue Jones
Tel: 877-3326

Clubhouse Chair (reservations):
Bonnie McMahon
Tel: 828-291-2329

TGIF coordinator: Nancy Davis
Tel: 877-4555

Community Relations: Brent Dormann

Conservation Easement: Don Herman
Tel: 883-8501

Emergency Preparedness: Bob Williams
Tel: 966-5584

Finance: Brenda Bryan
Tel: 290-4004

Lake Management: Jim Furniss
Tel: 884-7280

Maintenance: Bob Cole
Tel: 885-5456

Newsletter Editor: Rich Schram

Pool: Sandy Westney
Tel: 736-0264

Welcome: Bob Agnew

White Squirrel Lane Fund: Marcia Schneider
Tel: 862-6755