Architecture & Landscape Review





Architect & Landscape Review

The DVCA Declaration of Covenants, adopted in 2017, provides for two committees to oversee new construction, modifications, and landscaping in Deerlake Village. In accordance with their charters, the committees have these stated purposes and goals.

Architectural Review Committee
•  To assist Deerlake Community property owners in the planning, building and completion of new structures and designated modifications to existing structures within the general architectural parameters of established Deerlake Community homes, regulations of the City of Brevard and any other applicable regulatory body, and to preserve the natural environmental beauty and healthy living that exists here.
• To abide by the Covenants, the Rules and Regulations, and the New Construction/ Modifications Standards in decision making regarding new-home construction and modification to existing structures. (The decisions of the committee are not bound or restricted by any precedent relating to existing residential construction/landscape on any other lot within Deerlake Village. No implied warranties of good workmanship, design, habitability, quality, fitness for purpose of merchantability shall arise as a result of any plans, specifications, standards, or approvals made or published by the Architectural Review Committee or its successors.)
Landscape Review Committee
•  To promote landscape design in Deerlake that will preserve the natural environmental beauty and healthy living that exists here.
•  To maintain standards as outlined in the Deerlake Covenants and Rules and Regulations, in regards to landscaping in Deerlake.

The following documents provide guidance for DVCA MEMBERS in New Construction and Modification issues.
(See Contact Info to reach the chairs of these committees for further information.)