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September President’s Message
John Brown

Three consecutive dry days; Cottonwood leaves raining down; the seasons are in change.  Really want to commend and thank the neighbors who responded to our series of strong thunder and lightning storms.  Removing downed limbs from our roads and clipping limbs that are sagging into the streets make a big difference.  City and county public works responded quickly to multiple downed trees and our Maintenance Committee is working other cleanup and trimming projects.  One of our mountain walkers reminded me this week how important it is to keep the grates of our storm drains clear of leaves and twigs — a small simple task that makes a big difference in keeping storm water flowing to the right areas.
Director Max Decklever reports, in order to reduce the potential for damage to the clubhouse piano, the key has been placed in an envelope in the drawer of the sofa side table.  The piano is available to all residents and to guests if accompanied by a resident.
Do you know someone who has dead batteries in their smoke detectors or personal alert systems?  Do you have a neighbor who could use help with light maintenance?  Do you have a friend who is constantly looking for transportation to appointments?  Anyone struggling with normal daily tasks could be a good candidate for membership in the Mountain Neighbors Network: a volunteer based organization offering resources to address a variety of physical and social needs.  They are focused on helping neighbors remain in their homes for as long as they are independently able.  You can get more information at or by calling (828) 490-7390.
At the Deerlake TGIF on 21 September, Comporium is setting up a movie on the grounds adjacent to the picnic area.  The potluck dinner will be held in the clubhouse and the free movie, popcorn, drinks and door prizes will follow outside.  Bring a lawn chair or blanket and join your neighbors watching the movie Wonder. Look for flyers and signs.
Our 2018 Nominating Committee is busy seeking volunteers to serve on the Deerlake Board of Directors.  Contact Director Jack Baldrige for information or to volunteer. We need your service and leadership.
At the 9 August DVCA Board Work Session, the Treasurer reported a sound financial status, all bills paid to date, and no expected issues with closing out the 2018 budget.  Brenda also presented the Finance Committee recommended updated Collection Assessment Policy.  It was approved by the board and is posted on the DVCA website.  Please note assessments are delinquent if not postmarked by January 31, and a delinquent charge will be applied on any assessment received on February 1st or later.  Brenda then presented the Finance Committee recommended updated Investment Policy which was approved by the board and is posted on the website.
Kris presented the website development proposal from Think It Studio of Brevard.  The board approved the proposal.  Kris is leading the effort to modernize the DVCA website and would appreciate your recommendations and assistance.
The board approved the removal of a downed tree from DVCA property that fell onto the yard at 93 Cambridge and the inclusion of Meadows Park Cherry Tree pruning with the contract.  The Maintenance Committee is working the contract.
The DVCA clubhouse is a major amenity for our community and receives strong support from the Clubhouse Committee.  We make our clubhouse available to residents for private parties and events. When a resident rents the clubhouse for an event, that resident must be present for the setup, the event and cleanup. We do not turn our clubhouse over to private groups with no resident presence.The board is very grateful to the thoughtful and diligent efforts of our DVCA committees to update their rules and regulations in accordance with the 2017 Covenants and community needs.  This edition of the Diary contains the recommendations of the Landscape Review Committee to simplify and consolidate landscape rules for resident understanding and efficiency in project approvals.  Please refer your comments to Bryan Padrick or Ginny Boettcher for consideration before the board votes to approve.
The DVCA 3rd Quarterly meeting will be held at 3:30 PM on 13 September at the clubhouse.  Police Chief Phil Harris will attend to update residents on current trends and answer questions.  The board will provide and status on rules and regulations updates and will accept nominations from the floor for DVCA Board candidates.
The next DVCA Board work session will be held at 10:30 AM, 13 September at the clubhouse.

Resident ID tags(requested for use of the amenities) may be obtained from Kris Fulmer at or 883-3158.

Pool keys may be obtained from Margo Williamson at or 862-3267.

Welcome to Deerlake brochure
This links to a pdf file.

DVCA Voter Registration

DVCA Bylaws, adopted in 2017, require that if there is more than one property owner on record, all owners must declare one Voting Member.
Forms for registration are available - just CLICK ON THIS LINK - and print the pdf file which comes up or contact the DVCA Secretary. Completed forms may be given to a Board member, or mailed to DVCA, PO Box 2186, Brevard 28712.
Members wanting to research these requirements will find the “More Than One Owner; Voting Member” information in Article II, Section 2 of the Bylaws. A frequently asked question has been, “What if the chosen Voting Member is out of town or in some way unable to vote?” Proxy votes are covered in Article IV, Section 7 of the Bylaws.
Please feel free to contact any member of the Board of Directors for other queries.
If you have any questions about whether or not you have registered or if you need to register, just call Kris.

2018 Directors of DVCA (end of term)

John M. Brown III President  2019
Susan Zelle Vice President  2020
Kris Fulmer, Secretary  2018
Brenda Bryan, Treasurer   2019

Max Decklever, Director 2020
Jack Baldrige, Director 2018
Bryan Padrick, Director 2020