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President’s Message
John Brown

Spring is very welcome in Deerlake.  Bulbs and shrubs blooming and the trees showing all the signs of a new season.  Good time to check with your lawn care provider.  Some of them also paint and repair mail boxes and will clean your white fences.

Many have commented on the progress with the dam drain project.  It is nearing completion.  The new drain has been successfully tested.  The old drain is about to be decommissioned and then cleanup will end the work.  Thanks to the Lake Management Committee for your planning and supervision.

At the 8 March DVCA Board Work Session, the board approved a three year extension of the 35⁰ North contract for common area maintenance.  The extension includes cleaning of the sidewalk from the clubhouse to the beginning of the conservation easement lots.  Will reduce the goose gifts to our walkers. 

The Lake Management Committee presented bids for the repair of the lake spillway.  The board requested the LMC inform the low bidder that Worker’s Compensation Insurance must be documented in a contract and is awaiting confirmation and bid adjustment.  The contract will probably be approved before the end of March in time for work to start shortly after the dam drain is complete.

Max Decklever presented the Pool Rules update recommended by the Pool Committee.  Some suggestions were made by board members to be resolved with the committee.  The updated rules will be published in the Diary for community input prior to a Board approval vote.  Thank you Pool Committee.

The board approved the reappointment of Pam Fuhrer and Jack Baldrige to the Lake Management Committee.  Thanks to Pam and Jack for your continued community service.

At the very well attended 15 March DVCA 1st Quarterly Meeting, attendees welcomed resident Kris Dixon, to her first quarterly meeting.  Treasurer Brenda Bryan provided a financial update, noting that almost all delinquent assessments have been resolved and there is a plan to collect the remaining with penalty payments.

Committee chairs reported activity is picking up with spring project requests and plans to initiate several repair projects at the clubhouse.  There is a lot of good going on in our community and our volunteer committees need and would welcome your help.  Contact any committee chair or board member to volunteer.  Your talents are needed.

The board led a lively and amicable discussion on a proposed Rental Cap in Deerlake.  There were many comments in support of the proposal and just as many recommending no such action at this time.  The board welcomes and continues to receive resident comments by e-mail or from the suggestion box in the clubhouse.  The board will make a decision in April and inform the community on the way ahead.  The Rental Cap Information Paper used during the discussion is available on the DVCA web site.  Thanks to all who participated in the discussion. 

The board reviewed the Rules and Regulations Update process and reported several committees are making good progress and will soon publish their proposed changes in the Diary.  Residents can use the clubhouse suggestion box to submit recommendations or contact a committee chair.   Following the discussion, committee representatives staffed tables and took recommendations and questions from residents.  It was impressive to watch the community interaction.  Thanks to the committee representatives and neighbors with recommendations.  The Rules and Regulations Update Information Paper can be found on the DVCA website.

The next DVCA Board Work Session will be on 12 APR 2018.

Resident ID tags(requested for use of the amenities) may be obtained from Kris Fulmer at or 883-3158.

Pool keys may be obtained from Margo Williamson at or 862-3267.

Welcome to Deerlake brochure
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DVCA Voter Registration

DVCA Bylaws, adopted in 2006, require that if there is more than one property owner on record, all owners must declare one Voting Member.
Forms for registration are available - just CLICK ON THIS LINK - and print the pdf file which comes up or contact the DVCA Secretary. Completed forms may be given to a Board member, or mailed to DVCA, PO Box 2186, Brevard 28712.
Members wanting to research these requirements will find the “More Than One Owner; Voting Member” information in Article II, Section 2 of the Bylaws. A frequently asked question has been, “What if the chosen Voting Member is out of town or in some way unable to vote?” Proxy votes are covered in Article IV, Section 7 of the Bylaws.
Please feel free to contact any member of the Board of Directors for other queries.
If you have any questions about whether or not you have registered or if you need to register, just call Kris.

2018 Directors of DVCA (end of term)

John M. Brown III President  2019
Susan Zelle Vice President  2020
Kris Fulmer, Secretary  2018
Brenda Bryan, Treasurer   2019

Max Decklever, Director 2020
Jack Baldrige, Director 2018
Bryan Padrick, Director 2020