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July President’s Message
John Brown

Summer has arrived. People are enjoying the pool and lake, walkers are out in force, and many residents are setting the example for neat and attractive yards.
Our e-mail alert system has been used several times in recent weeks for bear sightings, road project announcements, and safety reminders. Addressees are always listed as Bcc (blind carbon copy) to prevent address exposure. If you would like to be included, please send me an e-mail at
The DVCA Board completed a very productive June work session, highlighted by the appointment of Rich Schram as the new Deerlake Diary Editor and Ginny Boettcher as the new Chair of the Landscape Review Committee. Many thanks to Jolene Overbeck for her talented editorship and to Ernie Hodson for leading the LRC with wisdom and selflessness.
The board appointed Gil Garner to the LRC; reappointed Dave Gunther to the Conservation Easement Committee; and reappointed Pam Fuhrer, Sherry Lawter and Judy Pierce to the Pool Committee. Deerlake’s volunteer spirit is evident and appreciated.
The board approved the revised Lake Rules and Lake Committee Charter, the revised Conservation Easement Rules, and the revised Membership Directory, Newsletter, and Welcome Committee Charters. Thanks to these committee members for updating their rules and charters in accordance with the 2017 Deerlake Covenants and Bylaws.
The board approved the Vendor and Contract Process Policy for On Site Work with added Guidelines for Implementation. Thanks to the Finance Committee and our budget managing committee chairs for improving this important policy.
The board, having received no recommendations to the contrary, approved the dissolution of the Sunshine / Good Neighbor Committee. Thanks to Carolyn Gordon-Loebig for leading the committee. If the need arises, this function can be reinstated in the future.
The Clubhouse Committee has asked the board to approve disposing of the piano in the clubhouse based on little use and potential damage to the new wood floors. The board will accept comments from residents and will make a decision at the July 12 work session. Please send comments to Max Decklever,
Kris Fulmer is coordinating a project to update and modernize the DVCA web site. Residents with interest or ideas, e-mail Kris,
Jack Baldrige has volunteered to chair this year’s Nominating Committee. Two DVCA board director positions will become vacant in December. The committee will seek volunteers to be candidates for these positions. Anyone interested in serving on the committee or the board, please contact Jack,
At the DVCA 2d Quarterly meeting, on the evening of June 14, Kris Fulmer from the Finance Committee reported a sound financial status, all 2018 assessments paid, and condo user fees paid through the second quarter. Senior Deputy Sheriff Eddie Gunter provided interesting descriptions of the duties performed by our county sheriff’s department, the difficulty in maintaining trained full-time officers, and warned attendees to beware of telephone and internet scams. He stated the Sheriff’s Department never calls to demand payment for fines or violation judgments. He also described the Sheriff’s Volunteer Officers Program and encouraged any interested residents to contact him at the Sheriff’s Office.
The next DVCA Board work session will be on July 12. Hope all have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day.

Resident ID tags(requested for use of the amenities) may be obtained from Kris Fulmer at or 883-3158.

Pool keys may be obtained from Margo Williamson at or 862-3267.

Welcome to Deerlake brochure
This links to a pdf file.

DVCA Voter Registration

DVCA Bylaws, adopted in 2006, require that if there is more than one property owner on record, all owners must declare one Voting Member.
Forms for registration are available - just CLICK ON THIS LINK - and print the pdf file which comes up or contact the DVCA Secretary. Completed forms may be given to a Board member, or mailed to DVCA, PO Box 2186, Brevard 28712.
Members wanting to research these requirements will find the “More Than One Owner; Voting Member” information in Article II, Section 2 of the Bylaws. A frequently asked question has been, “What if the chosen Voting Member is out of town or in some way unable to vote?” Proxy votes are covered in Article IV, Section 7 of the Bylaws.
Please feel free to contact any member of the Board of Directors for other queries.
If you have any questions about whether or not you have registered or if you need to register, just call Kris.

2018 Directors of DVCA (end of term)

John M. Brown III President  2019
Susan Zelle Vice President  2020
Kris Fulmer, Secretary  2018
Brenda Bryan, Treasurer   2019

Max Decklever, Director 2020
Jack Baldrige, Director 2018
Bryan Padrick, Director 2020