Deerlake News

President’s Message
John Brown

On behalf of the Board, our appreciation and thanks to all the committee chairs and members who are serving our neighbors and make Deerlake a great place to live.  You are the working heart of our volunteer run community and the reason we are able to hold assessments at levels that are the envy of many other associations.

At the Board’s 11 JAN work session, with all Directors present, Susan Zelle was elected Vice President and I was elected to serve as the President for 2018.  All Board officer positions and committee liaison positions are set for the year and can be found on the DVCA website.

Treasurer, Brenda Bryan reviewed the close out of DVCA financials for 2017 and reported an operating surplus of $9436.61.  The Board passed a motion to place the surplus in the 2018 contingency account.  Brenda also reported as a result of a property sale, the Board was able to collect $587.26 in delinquent fees from the seller.  Brenda presented a proposed change to the DVCA contracting policy, permitting up to three year service contracts, as long as a termination clause is included, and added the requirement for all contracts over $600 to include the contractor’s EIN, TIN or SSAN to support payment requirements.  The Board passed a motion to approve the modified contracting policy.  It can be found on the DVCA website.  The Board also approved a motion to reimburse the Treasurer $170 for the cost of her Blue Ridge Community College, Microsoft Excel class / books and Microsoft Office/Excel software renewal, all necessary for the Treasurer’s position.

The Board received a petition from eight Meadows property owners requesting the Board establish a rule / policy capping rentals in the Meadows to 10%.  The Board has taken the request under study and will report back to the Association with our findings.

With the DVCA Covenants and Bylaws updated, approved and filed in 2017, the Board discussed the process to update our Rules and Regulations.  The Board is committed to a transparent process with input from the committees and individual property owners.  The Board invites the Chairs of all DVCA committees to join us at 11:30 AM on 8 FEB 2018 in the Clubhouse for light refreshments and a discussion on the Rules and Regulations update.  The Board liaisons, to each committee, will contact the Chairs with additional information.

The DVCA President maintains a voluntary e-mail list for emergency / significant information transmission.  The list has been used for bear sightings, road blockages, short notice city services announcements, etc.  There is not a requirement for residents to place their e-mail address on the list.  The e-mails are sent to participants as BCC so addresses are not shared with other recipients.  If you are not receiving such messages already and want to add your e-mail address to the list, send me a message at and I will add.  If you want to be removed from list, send me a message.
The Board received information from Comporium in Brevard that they have assigned a Neighborhood Account Executive to assist customers in Deerlake with questions, concerns or service issues.  We are not endorsing any particular business.  Shannon Lopez can be reached at (828) 883-6413 or 

Winter weather and dark foggy periods remind us to watch out for neighbors walking our roads.  Strongly encourage walkers to wear bright reflective clothing.  Strongly encourage drivers to slow down for conditions.  None of us want an injured neighbor.

The next Board work session will be on 8 FEB 2018.

Resident ID tags(requested for use of the amenities) may be obtained from Kris Fulmer at or 883-3158.

Pool keys may be obtained from Margo Williamson at or 862-3267.

Welcome to Deerlake brochure
This links to a pdf file.

DVCA Voter Registration

DVCA Bylaws, adopted in 2006, require that if there is more than one property owner on record, all owners must declare one Voting Member.
Forms for registration are available - just CLICK ON THIS LINK - and print the pdf file which comes up or contact Susan Toscani at or 883-8223. Completed forms may be given to a Board member, or mailed to DVCA, PO Box 2186, Brevard 28712.
Members wanting to research these requirements will find the “More Than One Owner; Voting Member” information in Article II, Section 2 of the Bylaws. A frequently asked question has been, “What if the chosen Voting Member is out of town or in some way unable to vote?” Proxy votes are covered in Article IV, Section 7 of the Bylaws.
Please feel free to contact any member of the Board of Directors for other queries.
If you have any questions about whether or not you have registered or if you need to register, just call Kris.

2018 Directors of DVCA (end of term)

John M. Brown III President  2019
Susan Zelle Vice President  2020
Kris Fulmer, Secretary  2018
Brenda Bryan, Treasurer   2019

Max Decklever, Director 2020
Jack Baldrige, Director 2018
Bryan Padrick, Director 2020