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President’s December Message

Ken Kolb

   I want to begin by encouraging readers who are members of the DVCA to please pay careful attention to the important annual mailing which you should have received during the latter part of November.  To reiterate what I wrote in that letter, you are invited and encouraged to attend the DCVA Annual Meeting on Thursday, December 7, at 3:30 p.m. in the Rogow Room of the Transylvania County Library.  The mailing contains yearly committee reports, a ballot, a proxy form (should you need one), and budget and assessment information.  The cover letter in that package sums up my views at year’s end and looks forward into 2018.  You may vote your ballot at the meeting, by dropping it into the ballot box in the clubhouse before December 6, or by mail so that it is received by the 6th.  If you are unable to attend the annual meeting, please complete the proxy form and return it along with your completed ballot, as we need a quorum (established by actual presence or proxy) of 25% of our Qualified Voting Members in order to conduct our year-end business.
    The Board’s November work session was held on November 14th.  At that meeting, we gave final approval to the 2018 Operating Budget, the 2018 Capital Reserve Budget and the resultant 2018 assessment.  Details, including the explanatory Treasurer’s Letter, are in the annual mailing package.  At the Work Session, the Board approved the 2018 Clubhouse Janitorial Service Contract and noted that our Contracting Policy Document will need review in light of a recent change made to the Bylaws.  The Board attended to several appointments or re-appointments to committees: Margo Williamson to the Welcome Committee and Margo, Penny Grecni and Sandy Westney to the Pool Committee.   Thanks very much for your willingness to serve.  The Board also acknowledges the following resignations: Roy Cowan from the Lake Management Committee, Barbara Meyer from Library and Linda Sierra from the Pool Committee.  The Board thanks these folks very much for their many years of committee work here in Deerlake Village.
   In closing, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support, both for me personally and for the Board, during these past six years.  After serving two, three-year terms on the Board – all six years as President – I have reached the “term limit” for Directors as set forth in our Bylaws.  At times, this job has been quite time-consuming and on occasion, also quite stressful.  But I have learned a lot about the “self-management” of a property owners’ association -- it takes a good bit of specialized knowledge and lots of dedicated volunteers working cooperatively together for the common good.  I feel good about where we are as a community association at this juncture.  I am confident that the 2018 Board, with fulsome support from the membership, will continue to make great strides to take Deerlake Village into an even better future.  And although I won’t be serving on that Board, I have assured its members that I am willing to remain engaged in our community, and to assist when questions arise.
   I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.  See you at the library on December 7th.

The 2017 Governing Documents
were approved at a special meeting on October 12, 2017 by a vote of 161 to 7.

Annual Meeting, 12/7, 3:30, TCL

(As always, your comments/input to any Board member are welcomed and encouraged.)

You may need Adobe Reader to open these pdf files. Click here to download a free version. 

Resident ID tags(requested for use of the amenities) may be obtained from Kris Fulmer at or 883-3158.

Pool keys may be obtained from Margo Williamson at or 862-3267.

Welcome to Deerlake brochure
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DVCA Voter Registration

DVCA Bylaws, adopted in 2006, require that if there is more than one property owner on record, all owners must declare one Voting Member.
Forms for registration are available - just CLICK ON THIS LINK - and print the pdf file which comes up or contact Susan Toscani at or 883-8223. Completed forms may be given to a Board member, or mailed to DVCA, PO Box 2186, Brevard 28712.
Members wanting to research these requirements will find the “More Than One Owner; Voting Member” information in Article II, Section 2 of the Bylaws. A frequently asked question has been, “What if the chosen Voting Member is out of town or in some way unable to vote?” Proxy votes are covered in Article IV, Section 7 of the Bylaws.
Please feel free to contact any member of the Board of Directors for other queries.
If you have any questions about whether or not you have registered or if you need to register, just call Kris.

2017 Directors of DVCA (end of term)

Ken Kolb, President   2017
Don Herman, Vice President  2019
Kris Fulmer, Secretary  2018
Brenda Bryan, Treasurer   2019

Max Decklever, Director 2017
Susan Zelle,Director 2017

Jack Baldrige, 2018